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Dr. Erin Allgood provides acupuncture services for The Pet Vet, having completed certification from The Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Did you know acupuncture has the same healing effect in animals as it does in humans? Using this Eastern-based medicine, an acupuncturist stimulates certain points around the body, promoting self-healing of the organs and various systems.

Acupuncture can address a variety of chronic issues in both dogs and cats. Dr. Allgood uses dry needles, electrodes, and aquapuncture, formulating a treatment that is individualized for the pet. With acupuncture, there is a cumulative effect, so results are generally seen after three to six treatments.

Battling an ongoing health concern with your dog or cat? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Erin Allgood to discuss how acupuncture may benefit their long-term health! (828) 232-9990