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Asheville Pet Dental Care

Dental care is essential to your pet’s overall health. Left untreated, dental disease can damage the heart, kidneys, and liver. We provide polishing, extractions, and periodontal deep cleaning to promote longer lasting teeth.

Bad breath in pets is not a laughing matter. Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of three, and–just as in humans–there can be serious consequences of poor dental health.

Whether you have a new puppy or kitten or your pet has been in the family awhile, dental care habits are part of their overall good-health plan. It may sound crazy, but brushing is part of that plan. If you begin brushing as soon as teeth appear in kittens and puppies, they’ll quickly become used to it.

As they get older, it may be time to schedule a dental checkup or cleaning as part of their regular health plan. Why?  To prevent the buildup of plaque (created by saliva and bacteria), which can cause gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). Gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease, which loosens the teeth and can spread to the bloodstream and internal organs. Especially if you don’t brush, it’s important to bring your pet in to the vet for periodic cleaning: possibly once a year for some, while others will never need it. Let your vet advise you on the best course for your pet.