Welcome to Pet Vet on Patton - Asheville's Premiere Animal Hospital

Opening Hours : Mon-Fri: 7:30 to 6 | Thurs: 7:30 to 6:30 | Sat: 9 to 7

What kind of care will my dog receive at The Pet Vet Resort?

Our staff members provide loving care and close monitoring of all dogs, and we do our best to follow any specialized instructions you may have.

There are three boarding options, depending on what would best fit your dog’s personality:

  • Resort Room (12′ x 12′): This option is generally recommended for families with multiple dogs who prefer to stay together, or for dogs over 100 lbs who need a larger space to stretch their legs. This spacious accommodation allows your dog to have adequate room for their bedding while still allowing plenty of play room.
  • 3′ x 5′ run made comfortable with your dog’s own bed or one of our own.
  • We offer varying size crates for dogs who are more comfortable in a smaller space.


All dogs receive the following care:

  • Special attention if your dog seems nervous. We try to spend extra time comforting dogs that seem nervous away from home.
  • Enticing food for dogs too nervous to eat. We never allow a dog to skip more than one meal without mixing a tasty canned mixture into the dog’s own food.
  • Immediate treatment, should your dog become ill. Everyone on our staff is trained to recognize the early stages of illness. If your dog becomes ill, we will immediately notify the veterinarian, who will treat your dog right away–no waiting and no appointment.
  • Playtime. We have a fenced yard, along with a small swimming pool and toys, and a daycare provider who monitors outdoor time. If your dog is social, he or she can play outside with other dogs for several hours each day. For solitary dogs, there is the option of outdoor alone time for as long as your dog is comfortable.
  • Treats. We’d love to give your dog treats, if allowed.
  • Weekend attention. On Saturday the boarding staff is available all day. On Sunday, a technician visits two or three times each day to feed and play with boarders.

Weekend & Holiday Kennel Pickup & Drop-off Hours

* Effective: December 29th, 2020


Owners can pickup and drop-off pets from: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sundays & Holidays

Owners can pickup and drop-off pets from: 7:00 am – 11:00 am & 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm


What should I bring?

Any medications you pet may need while here. Elements from home, such as blankets, beds, pillows, and toys, can help dogs settle in. You might also bring your dog’s own food. If you prefer, we can provide Science Diet®.

*   All male dogs over 10 months old must be neutered in order to participate in daycare. Any unneutered male dog over 10 months old can still board but will not be allowed socialize with the other dogs.