Welcome to Pet Vet on Patton - Asheville's Premiere Animal Hospital

Opening Hours : Mon-Fri: 7:30 to 6 | Thurs: 7:30 to 6:30 | Sat: 9 to 7

What kind of care will my cat receive at the Pet Vet Resort?

We want your cat to be comfortable while you are away! Bring us any specialized instructions, and we will accommodate your wishes as much as possible. All cats receive the following care:

  • Accommodations based on your cat’s personality. We have a cat condo on wheels with multi-level play areas. If your cat is social, we roll the condo to the medical area, so he or she can watch the staff members and other animals as they come and go. If your cat is shy, we move the condo to a quiet room with a calm environment.
  • Immediate treatment, should your cat become ill. Everyone on our staff is trained to recognize the early stages of illness. If your cat becomes ill, we will immediately notify the veterinarian, who will treat your cat right away–no waiting and no appointment.
  • One-on-one playtime with a staff member. We have toys, or you can bring your own.
  • A room with a view. We give your cat full run of an exam room with a window and toys for one hour each day so he or she can move around freely and explore.
  • Treats. We’d love to give your cat treats, if allowed.
  • Weekend attention. On Saturday the boarding staff is available all day. On Sunday, a technician visits two or three times each day to feed and play with boarders.
  • Weekend pickup times. When you drop off your dog, just let the receptionist know when you plan to return, even if it’s on a weekend. *Sat -9am-7pm, Sunday: 8am-10am & 4pm-7pm.

What should I bring?

You need to bring any medications your pet may need while here. We recommend bringing favorite items such as blankets, beds, and toys. Cats don’t like being out of their element, so these items can help them make the transition. You might also bring your cat’s own food. If you prefer, we can provide Science Diet®. We also provide unscented litter boxes.

We offer dog boarding, as well.