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Cats on Leashes

Have you considered taking your cat outside on a leash? Social and outgoing cats might benefit from exploring the outdoors on a leash, while cats who are shy and like to hide may prefer to remain indoors.
So keeping in mind that leashes are not right for all cats, here are some ideas for those who want to give it a try.

Purchase a harness that is specially designed for a cat. Cats can easily squeeze out of collars and dog harnesses. Slowly introduce the harness by allowing your kitty to wear it around the house for a few days. Feed your cat treats and give her praise, encouraging positive associations with the harness.

Taking a kitty outside is not like walking a dog. It’s more about allowing the cat to explore the outdoors while supervised. He can roll in the grass, paw at trees, and hear birds chirp — all without getting lost or encountering wild animals. If your cat seems at all scared or nervous to be outside, don’t push it. A leash is not for some cats. A scared cat could try to bolt or injure you; and forcing the issue could cause unnecessary stress for your kitty.

Make sure all kitties who go outdoors are up to date with vaccinations, flea and intestinal parasite prevention, and microchip contact information. Keep an eye on cats who may try to dart out an open door or start demanding to go outside. Do you have a cat who likes the outdoors but is not a fan of the leash? Try an outdoor catio, an enclosed outdoor space where your kitty can safely explore. Have more questions about cats that go outdoors? Call the Pet Vet (828) 232-9990.