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Adventure Time for Your Pets

Springtime is here, and it’s time to head outdoors! Looking for activities you and your furry companion can enjoy together? Then look no further than these pet-friendly activities.

  • Go on a hike: WNC is known for its beautiful mountains. What better way to enjoy the local flora than exploring the Blue Ridge? Do some research ahead of time and pick a trail with a distance and difficulty level suited for your pooch. Always bring extra water and a travel water bowl.
  • Hit the water: Like people, some dogs love to cool down in the water during hot summer days. Visit a swimming hole or river and take a dip. Avoid any waterways with strong currents that might pose a hazard for an unsuspecting dog.
  • Get in the boat: Some dogs make great first mates. Train your dog to be your right-hand companion on your kayak or even your paddle board. Don’t forget the doggie life jacket!
  • Take a bike ride: Let your dog run alongside while you bike. Remember — they’re sporting a fur coat, so stick to the shade, and watch for any signs of overheating.
  • Go shopping: Did you know there are many dog-friendly stores around Asheville? Downtown, pets are welcome in Mast General Store and Kress Emporium. The outlet mall encourages furry shoppers, and dogs are often welcome in home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.
  • Get a drink: Many bars and breweries around town are dog friendly. But remember, alcohol is for humans only.
  • Take a tour: The historic Gray Line Trolley allows dogs up to 25 lbs. to ride for free. You can also bring your dog on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate, although no dogs are allowed inside the house.
  • Parks, Parks, Parks: Don’t have time for a full day of doggie fun? Take a quick trip to your local park. A nice walk and a game of Frisbee can help satiate your playful pup.